Emotional Noise Project

This past weekend at our worship service with Illini Life, we opened a new series called Everyday Radical with my awesome and super cute wife, Ashley, talking about emotions. She based her message on the content of Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley.

Before the message, we used a drama project to help people engage with the subject, specifically, to communicate how our emotions cloud us in so many ways. I thought it’d be fun to share what we did (which relied on the inspiration of a similar project we experienced at Windsor Road Christian Church in Champaign.

What follows is the plan I used.


The purpose of this project is to help create an experience about our emotions by creating 4 different vignettes, one for each emotion covered tonight. They will go in sequential order, with lighting and sound to help distinguish them.

The setup:

● laptop video + audio

● iPad/iPod for house audio

● 3 mics

● lighting to highlight two different ‘scenes” + color splash for song

Pre performance) house lights come down

Part 1) Journal Entry reading [Guilt] (approx :30) Stage lights come up on Actor 1 on one side of stage. He reads a journal entry with a spot light on. When they are done, light goes down.

Part 2) Gossip conversation [Jealousy] (approx :30)Lights come up on two Actors on other side of stage. They act out a discussion facing one another about a friend they are jealous of. When they are done, light goes down

Part 3) Song [Anger] (:30) Bring up just color splash and play “So What” by P!nk from 0:30 to 1:05 and fade out. As song fades, fade color splash.

Part 4) Video [Greed] (:30) Stage lights all down. Bring up video and laptop audio (we used a clip from the latest Apple product release). Automatically fades.

Now that we’ve gone through each part once, we’ll build them.

Part 5) Journal Entry - Bring up lights and read part 2 of journal entry. After about 10 seconds, bring lights up for gossip conversation

Part 6) Gossip conversation - Journal entry keeps reading (ignore what others are doing) and gossip conversation picks up where it left off. More heated and intense. After about 10 seconds of this, P!nk song and color lights come up.

Part 7) Song - While the others are still talking (we’ll have to get audio levels so we can hear it all at once), P!nk song can start playing at 3:10 and finish out. At 3:20, start second video clip

Part 8) With everything going at once, we have about 15 seconds before loud static comes on. As the static starts, everything else stops and lights come down quickly. Then Ashley comes up & title slide goes up along with house lights and stage lights.


I hope this serves somebody out there.

I LOVED spending the day with these guys and gals at #uiuc. What an amazing Home Fellowship we have!

Also, you can keep up with what we’re doing throughout #Illini Life this week through the @illinilife account.

The Fall Semester is Here!

Had a great evening in Clinton with the FCC missions team. Saw this on the drive and was inspired by Psalm 121.

This summer has truly been an amazing one of connecting with God’s people and the team He has placed behind me. We start up work on campus officially on Wednesday.


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What do you guys think of this for a proxy station on campus at the U of I?

(Source: Flickr / jadethiraswas)

Here’s a late July update on the state of our support and a move for GCM’s headquarters.

The Hidden Joy

If you’ve talked with me about what I do, chances are, within a few minutes, you get to see my passion for college aged ministry. I love this stuff.

Seeing lives changed. Seeing hearts grow toward God. Seeing people learn to think Christianly, and as cheesy as it sounds, asking the question, “What would Jesus do?”

These are all amazing parts of college ministry.

The secret, and hidden joy of the work, though, is the partners I have, in almost, well, everywhere. People who pray for me, who give their hard earned money so we can do this work, and who I get to fellowship with. Support raising is a ministry in itself and I love caring for and edifying the hearts of those I meet with. That has been the hidden joy of this summer.

“If you don’t ask, you can’t be told yes.”

— A friend I met with recently told me this as I talked about being support based. It was beautiful, and applies to so many areas of life. How many times do we hide our needs expecting a “no” instead of asking?

Check it out! It’s my prayer letter update for July 2013! Happy Fourth of July to you guys, and I hope you have a great month. Enjoy reading about the happenings here at the U of I and beyond.

The U of I has created an official hashtag (#2017Illini) for conversation and promotion of stuff related to the newest incoming class of Illini.

It’s 63 days until Quad Day, meaning we have 9 weeks of anticipation, planning, and prayer for the invasion of 10000 new students on campus. I so look forward to inviting as many as I can to check out Illini Life (illinilife.org)

I can’t wait!

It definitely makes this summer of talking to ministry partners and casting a vision all the more exciting!